Economic consulting

Economic feasibility study

The economic feasibility study gives a comprehensive view of new projects in various sectors, as it is the first step in creating projects

The importance of studying the economic feasibility of projects

To know the size of the market

To determine the target markets

To create a competitive advantage

Study the investment climate

We are interested in studying the investment climate and analyzing general investment indicators in various fields

The investment is based on

Regulatory environment

Financial incentives

Currency stability

Surveying and studying investment opportunities

We are interested in studying and evaluating investment opportunities for government and private sectors, where investment opportunities that the investor wishes to enter are evaluated and evaluated according to the scientific principles used in this field and taking the best investment decisions

Supply and demand volume analysis

The two forces that drive and move the market are supply and demand. they are analysed through basic indicators such as: interest, inflation rates, trade balance, market sentiments and other technical tools in order to understand the larger picture of the market.

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