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ISO 45001 Health and Safety Management System

About the Standard :

The Health and Safety Management System is a way to do things that protect your employees and key stakeholders from harm in the first place.

It protects employees from ill health that causes it or gets worse due to work as well as accident injury. It is also concerned with ensuring the safety of visitors to your headquarters, such as clients and contractors

It takes only one accident to cause invaluable damage to your reputation. Consequently, millions of days are lost every year due to ill health, which leads to significant productivity losses. A safe and supportive work environment is vital to employee engagement.

You can distinguish yourself from competition by proactively protecting the physical and mental well-being of your employees. Not only will your employees be happier and safer, you will also see increased productivity and less absenteeism.

Benefits of ISO 45001 Certificate

Reducing risks and associated costs

Gain a competitive advantage

It improves productivity and gives your customers confidence

Improving the health and safety system to the required level

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