Management consulting

Institutional transformation

Evaluating the organization on different scales such as: the strategic basis, financial performance, and staff capabilities, to design a comprehensive strategy appropriate for the organization

Development of human resources systems

Providing professional support to prepare human resource requirements within the provision of integrated management systems that are in line with best practices in this field

Administrative restructuring

We rely on global methodologies to develop organizational structures to help organizations ensure that all available resources are invested, and toward the current and future goals.

Building vision, mission and policies

Together, we seek to define the identity of the organization and its field of work, formulate a strategic vision according to studied scientific steps, and develop it into a strategic message with a clear formulation and understandable for all

Functional analysis

Collecting, analyzing and installing information related to each job to get acquainted with everything related to the job in terms of its requirements, characteristics and nature, and using modern scientific methods available in this field.

Performance Measurement

Measuring performance indicators is based on a methodology based on the adopted global methodologies, and in a manner that helps to measure the extent of the organization's success in achieving its goals and developing its business.

procedures Engineering

Radically looking at work procedures and redesigning them in a way that raises performance and efficiency and reduces the cost in completing work and providing services


Corporate Governance Service helps the organization reduce risks and avoid mismanagement in order to ensure its safety and enhance shareholder value

Strategic Planning

Building a comprehensive and well-integrated strategic plan that invests all the material and human resources of the organization and sets out towards the future to achieve the vision and mission of the organization.

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